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  • Leslie Fisher
    I love this fidget spinner !!! Other fidget spinners that I have purchased in the past didn't seem to spin that long, this one may be smaller then the other ones but it has a very long spin cycle to it, although I would not recommend buying it for smaller kids because like I said it is small and it does seem like the center piece, like they were saying on other fidget spinners

    Jul 31,2018

  • Sandeep
    This is a nice spinner, haven't timed it but I'm less concerned about spin times than I am about spin satisfaction, it's a nice design and well smoothed to be comfortable to hold and flick one handed, well worth the purchase and seems made to be a quality spinner with a nice small bearing that looks hybrid ceramic and removable

    Dec 08,2017

  • Brandy J
    This is an amazing spinner, very nice quality and weight and is very very quiet in the hand compared to most spinners, definitely lives up to expectations and the company has great customer service with quick response time if you have a problem with yours

    Nov 05,2017

  • Kim Cusick
    The weight is perfect in the hand/fingers and it spins extremely quiet, I placed it on a table and gave it a good spin and timed it, i'm very happy with the purchase and would recommend to anyone looking for a quality spinner

    Mar 18,2018

  • Jenesis
    To be honest I thought I would like it better since the quality way supposed to be there, i'm a stressful person and I'm always holding and tossing things back and forth from one hand to the other ... like the remote control

    Feb 23,2018

  • C. Anderson
    I never wanted a fidget spinner, so the fidget spinners came into my home against my will, I had no choice but to accept my situation and decided at one point to finally purchase a fidget spinner for myself for work

    Oct 13,2018

  • Tricia DeCosta
    You're like me and the reason you're reading reviews for this item is because you want to know if it will be worth the price, I was seeking the best as well as fastest spinner thats also built strong and looks great

    Nov 02,2017

  • Sandra Barta
    Great spinner - good bearings and solid, heavy metal, overall one of the better spinners that I have purchased and evaluated, but it is still very quiet compared to some others that I have evaluated

    Aug 03,2017

  • L. M. Atnip
    Love this little fidget, it is smaller than others but the quality and weight is nice, I read a couple of reviews and was concerned about receiving a fake one, very satisfied customer here !! Thanks

    Jun 22,2018

  • Tammy Stady
    Outstanding fidget spinner, bought a few different varieties of spinners and this spins the best by far, it is also about half of the size of some of the other spinners, great for smaller hands

    Jul 11,2018