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  • Not in Kansas Anymore!
    Great little printer
    So, I have had this printer for over a year now, it was my second printer at the time and my first Cartesian printer, my first was a Delta Kit which has a very steep learning curve but I have mostly mastered it, so this thing out of the box was a breeze to setup and get to printing in less than 2 hours.

    PRO: Easy assembly, quality frame parts, 3D printed parts are well designed, decent build volume, fast shipping, Direct feed (not bowden style), fairly quiet

    CON: Open frame (ABS does not print well) Bed heating is a long process, Foot Print is fairly large for a Desk Top Unit, POWER SUPPLY DIED with in first 6 Months.

    All in all, I would and have recommended this printer as a first 3D printer, with the imitation of heated bed being slow and not expecting to print ABS without an enclosure. at the price I purchased it for during a flash sale for under $200 USD, it was a great deal

    Oct 22,2018

  • GBuser
    Tronxy X8
    I chose this model because this was the cheapest and it had quite a good review. The printer is not a bad one and it probably worth the money, however it is not a professional printer, it has difficulties (I mean it take almost 20 minues) to heat up the bed to 100 degrees for ABS printing. Both ABS and PLA prints has the tendency to warp. Also if you plan to print ABS be prepared that you need to make an enclosure and you will also need to improve the bed adherence (using some glue - lots of youtube videos how to do). PLA prints quite well without any special preparation. If you don't have any special reason why o use ABS filament I recomend using PLA with this printer.

    Apr 09,2019

  • sg
    guter Preis-Leistungs-Verhältniss
    Der Drucker kam wie auf den Fotos zu sehen ist, gut verpackt. Alle Teile waren heile. Das Zusammenbauen dauerte 4 Stunden mit Pausen. Alles ist dabei und ich brauchte eigentlich kein weiteres Werkzeug. Der Drucker hat auf Anhieb funktioniert und sogar ich, nach etlichen Einstellungen der Bodenplatte, konnte etwas ausdrucken! Mir gefällt die Funktion von SD KArte zu drucken, so braucht der Drucker nicht die ganze Zeit am PC zu hängen. Für mich für den Preis mit dem übersichtlichen Display absolut TOP!
    Ich würde mit eine ausgedruckte Aufbauanleitung wünschen, aber die digital auf einer SD KArte mitgelieferte, funktioniert auch!

    Jul 09,2017

  • Yi Yu
    very pleased with this printer
    - This is my first 3D print and I find it reasonably easy to build.
    - Supported by Octoprint out of the box
    - Print quality is outstanding using default settings. All I had to do was to level the bed and tweak nozzle height.
    - Low power consumption, low noise
    - Although I personally find it reasonably easy to build, the instructions are incomplete and missing some important steps. The video isn't very helpful neither. Had to guess and check out some YouTube videos through the process.
    - The display module doesn't align with the acrylic display panel, as a result the knob does not go all the way in as it should be. Luckily I use Octoprint to control it so this doesn't bother me too much. It just doesn't look neat.

    Aug 16,2017

  • Dickinson
    Excellent value for the price.
    Very well built and sturdy.
    Good extruder and steppers.
    Neat and Tidy.
    Easy to assemble.
    Very easy to calibrate (all steppers calibrated to near perfection already.
    Bed stays level and needs very little adjustment.
    Frame would allow a 230mm build height if only the firmware and leadscrews allowed it.
    Proprietary controller board means a full electronices gut if you want silentsticks or even DRV8825s.
    Power supply really needs an isolator switch for convenience and added safety.

    Sep 06,2017

  • David
    Best deal for price
    Relatively easy to build
    Easy to use
    I was scared of issues because of some youtubers but I did not found any of them
    Some important steps are missing into the build guide
    No help for beginner

    Dec 06,2017

  • Rui
    Não consigo!
    Os encaixes das peças em acrílico não estão perfeitos e isso afecta toda a estrutura e funcionamento da máquina.

    Nov 08,2018

  • silvano
    super Tronxy
    I enjoyed very good parts and easy to assemble .
    I love it i printed new object in a few time very easy to use.
    Good quality and price
    Need switch to put print in pause when the filament finish

    Jun 17,2018

  • GiuseppeC
    Ottimo prodotto, un po' lenta la spedizione ma il prezzo vale l'attesa
    Il prodotto è di buona fattura, ottimo rapporti qualità prezzo. Consigliato sia l'acquisto sia il venditore.

    Sep 26,2018

  • fdorfyl
    Très bien
    Bonne petite machine, achetée par nostalgie du Meccano. Nécessite quelques bricolage pour en améliorer le fonctionnement mais c'est ce que je recherchais !

    Mar 22,2019