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  • Mark P. Ruppert
    We love to decorate and help others enjoy about every holiday the Warmoon lights make that possible they also make it very easy, the included remote battery included is the key to the whole set up with the remote you can set a color in the shade you want or there are other settings for fade, flash and more so you can decide what kid and color of light show you want to put on, brightness us definitely a major feature of the light and it provides the brightness of professional grade lighting and while really bright it's not the harsh light so many portable light give off, do it well and make it very easy on you we love the little one but this is definitely the one that will get the attention you want or secure the area's you need light on, I hope this information helps you decide if this great light is the right one for your needs

    Feb 01,2018

  • jerri
    Honestly I read a few of the reviews on these and just had to butt in, I purchased them for a wedding that sadly I didn't get to use for so instead I hung them along the ceiling and stairway of my dark lit home and not only did it reach all the around my entire house but lights it up so bright it just amazes me, the different lighting features really set the mood for any occasion and make for a perfect night on the deck seeing as I hung the other box outside

    Dec 09,2018

  • Renny. L
    I bought several party disco balls in my life and I've always wanted to find one that I can turn off the strobe effect, the remote control independently controls the bluetooth speaker from the lighting effects, I had a similar light with a built in bluetooth speaker thay tried to connect to a device every time I turned it on, it was the same size and price as the party light here, i'm very happy with my purchase

    Mar 02,2018

  • Dino
    Good up lighting for the price, the back of the lights have a few dials that can adjust the different color LEDs independently including varying brightness as well as color mixing to light function blinking, there is a little fan inside to keep the lights cool, and is audible when the room is quiet but should is not too loud and definitely won't be heard in any party environment

    Oct 29,2017

  • Spencer Felton
    Or connect right to your lighting controller, iTs easy to control with the remote control unit, tWO remote control units, sound activated light effects It flashes different colors to the beat, if you want a single color on stage, you have six different color options, plus white light, merge into the various colors, the light isn't very heavy at all

    Jan 01,2018

  • Dan F.
    I ordered this light for an upcoming birthday party and I'm very happy with what I received, the light is super bright and colorful just like it was advertised, I didn't want to spend a fortune on stage lighting for this party and this works just the same

    Nov 24,2017

  • R. English
    Amazing product for the price, I was just looking for a simple blacklight that wasn't a single bulb or needed to be mounted to be used and I got so much more than expected, with beautiful color combinations and sound activated mode

    Dec 10,2017

  • Eileen T.
    Originally received a rare defective unit - within a day I received a personal call that another was on it's way to me, new unit works great - vivid color and motion make a party out of our game room, great show for the price

    Jun 03,2018

  • MiataJerry
    These are great lights for decorative lighting indoors, the lights themselves are thin, activates with sound works great by using a built-in microphone

    Nov 14,2018

  • Rosa Cantu
    Very bright for the price, only thing I will say is it is a very directional light so not very good for a color wash on a dance floor but great for up lighting

    Mar 10,2018