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  • Carlos
    Worth to try
    Appearance: the screen looks like Iphone X series. However, it only displays in a rectangle like other Android, of course.
    USb cable: type C
    Wireless charging: it definitely works but I notice that it takes several seconds slower than Iphone to start charging. My guess is probably because the shock proof case is too thick? My advice is you can get a stand wireless charger so it will be more stable.
    Camera: every pictures taken feels like it's been filtered through an app. functions in the Camera app are similar to Iphone. I've attached some of the pictures taken by the phone.
    Network: works well with AT&T.
    Bluetooth: connects fast, no issue
    Finger Print & Facial ID: this is the thing I like about this phone: it has BOTH Finger Print & Facial ID and this is so much more comfy than just having the Facial ID on your phone. Trust me, my wife has an IphoneX and she feels frustrated without the Finger Print ID because the Facial recognition thing is not perfect. Especially for women, you know, they can look different wearing make up or not, wearing glasses, different hair, different when just wake up/ staying at home all day/ going out.... My wife ended up having to type the password many times in a days opening the phone and logging in the apps with security.

    Feb 26,2019

  • Maurd
    Мой первый сенсорный телефон
    До этого телефона у меня был кнопочный Samsung GT-E1080i, так что сравнивать вообще не с чем. Купил этот, т.к. нужен был велокомпьютер и навигатор. Не буду ж я кататься с Huawei Mate 20 Pro, вдруг он упадет с руля на полном ходу. Хуавеевские IP68 вне совсем не придают уверенности в том, что телефончик переживет падение.

    А с этим элегантным и вызывающе красно-черным кирпичем, который в действительности выглядит еще лучше, чем на картинке, у меня таких опасений нет.

    Первые впечатления:
    - хорошо сидит в руке, не скользит;
    - громкий динамик, можно использовать как портативную колонку. Про качество звука не скажу, не с чем сравнить;
    - ничего не лагает и не тормозит, приложения запускаются быстро;
    - сканер отпечатка пальцев мог быть и пошустрее, и почувствительнее. Далеко не всегда распознает с первого или даже второго раза. Об этом везде пишут и это правда;
    - разблокировка по лицу в темноте не работает;
    - точность GPS в GPS test в помещении 5 метров, сигнал пропадает. На улице - 1 метр, что считаю очень даже хорошо;
    - качество связи еще не оценил, надо симку обрезать до размера nano;
    - я вообще не фотограф, вот какие-то снимки наснимал как пример фото.

    Mar 23,2019

  • Ciro
    Quando ho ordinato questo smartphone ero ansioso di riceverlo per le caratteristiche e la robustezza, ma quando l'ho ricevuto è stato semplicemente ECCEZIONALE!!! E' un grande telefono, perfetto, veloce, ottimo. Il primo giorno d'utilizzo ho avuto paura che il sistema non andasse bene perchè non mi inviava le telefonate... probabilmente perchè non si era ancorta sincronizzato con google per i contatti in rubrica o non so. Poi dal secondo giorno ha funzionato tutto alla perfezione. Ottimo il gesture per avviarlo da standbye velocissimo nella riaccensione. Linea ottima, ed ottima ricezione. Anche il viva voce va bene e si sente ancora meglio. Lo schermo ha dei colori bellissimi. Insomma sono proprio contento di questo acquisto e ringrazio Gearbest anche per la velocità di ricevimento del pacchetto (20 giorni precisi dall'ordine) non male!! Lo consiglio vivamente e penso che Ulefone sarà la mia casa produttrice preferita (posseggo anche iphone 7 ma Ulefone non è da meno). Grazie Gearbest!!!

    Oct 14,2019

  • Roddie Mineo
    Ulefone Armor 6 Mobile/Tabl
    I would like to extend a huge thank you to the Gearbest staff for putting this Awesome Ulefone Armor 6 Phablet as 1st prize in a competition that was ran by you guys. I was in shock, partly because I was desperate for a new mobile and I tell this one is a real beauty. It has a beautiful screen to watch movies and what ever you want, it has a great fast processor 6Gig of Ram. Plenty of speed to play you games , strong and it looks great . Yes it's a little heavy but I like just the way it is. It also has 128Gig internal memory and can take a futher 256Gig TF Micro SDXC Card. I put a 4k ultra high definition. I have been buying products from Gearbest for years and I have always been happy. This one was the cherry on the cake, I am very happy with it and I am so grateful for the Generosity of Gearbest.
    Thank you

    Mar 21,2019

  • EricG
    Very happy with the Armor 6!
    I researched rugged phone for 2 months. I looked at EVERYTHING out there. After much research, reading and comparing, I wanted the Armor 3 for it's battery and features, but was concerned about it's weight. I liked the King Kong 3, but wanted Gorilla Glass 5. When I saw the Armor 6 it was exactly what I was looking for. It has all the rugged features, with a great battery(on my 3rd full day of average use I still have 80% left), GG5, wireless charging, works on USA T Mobile perfectly, weighs 260 grams.(feels perfect to me), full 6.2" display, smaller than my ZTE Max Pro 6"! 6GB, 128GB, Helio P60. Very nice cameras for my use. It came to me in a week to CA, USA. And it's solid & gorgeous. I don't regret spending the extra for what appears to me to be a very well made phone. Very happy!

    Jan 27,2019

  • akbar bahar
    Speaker trouble
    At first, I was very happy when unboxing this smartphone. Almost no blemish, then I took the initiative to test the endurance and hardiness as described, and listed on the official website of the Ulefone. What a perfect smartphone.

    But the excitement changed after I tried to put the smartphone into the water when the music was still on.
    What happened, the sound of instantly faded, shrank, not as loud as usual.
    Therefore I decided to complain (open dispute) because the product did not function as described as it should.
    I mean specifically to the ability of the speaker. I can no longer enjoy great sound when I turn on music or receive notifications and calls.

    Apr 17,2019

  • John Angarita
    Ulefone Armor 6
    El Producto es lo que se describe, buen sonido, las camaras de buena calidad, lector de Huellas 1A, conectividad NFC,Bluetooth, WiFi, USB-C, 4G sin inconvenientes, Batería carga rápida muy aceptable demora en cargar con cable menos de 2 horas con Cargador inalámbrico 3 horas, lo único es qué siempre va a decir que está cargando pero no dice con que tipo de carga(inalámbrico o rápida), con las Dos Simcard, Wifi, GPS y Bluetooth encendidos y uso normal dura Masomenos 24Horas , los sensores si son un punto a mejorar en cuanto a la velocidad de respuesta del giroscopio y la calibración de la brújula , el GPS es exelente, pantalla de buenos coleres, resistencia a Golpes si es, al agua aún no lo he probado

    Jun 01,2019

  • Saladin9
    Its 10 str.

    Na kérem. Megjött. Elég gyorsan. És semmi gond. Paráztam, hogy vám meg adó, de nem volt semmi gond. A teló korrekt. Amit leírtak, azt tudja. Ami szokatlan, az a súlya, de ez ilyen. Páncélos. Kaptam hozzá veznélk töltőt, bármi->eu plugot, és egy fóliát a képernyőre. Még csak tesztelem, de már most látszik, hogy nincs elnagyolva a készülék. Pl a nagyító funkció inkább mikroszkóp. Sajna, ebben az üzemben képet nem készít, mert kimaradt az exponáló gomb. A készülék kivitele igényes. Nincs sorja, vagy lógó rész. telefonáláskor tiszta a hang mindkét oldalon. Ez nagyon jó egy ilyen burkolt telótól. Tesztelem tovább.

    Mar 11,2019

  • Barry
    Fantastic phone
    I sail and need a waterproof phone. The Armor 6 replaced my Armour 2 that had it's Type C plug detach and get lost, so when a friend managed to drop it overboard the phone got sea water inside and died. The Armor 6 has Wireless Charging so the TypeC plug does not need to be removed for charging, so should not detach from use, and won’t get lost. The other improvements include less buttons to confuse you, and start the camera when you don’t want to, a larger high resolution screen and a more refined look and feel. The phone also feels very fast and responsive. I am very happy with it.

    Mar 01,2019

  • micropuntos
    móvil indestructible
    el móvil es duro tal como promete casi indestructible, por contra es un ladrillo, grande y pesado.
    desde que lo tengo ha recibido algún golpe, se ha mojado y está como nuevo.
    el reconocimiento facial funciona bien así como las huellas, la cámara es buena.
    De rendimiento va muy bien, he jugado Pubg y sin trabas.
    la recepción wifi es algo mala, si te alejas mucho de la fuente mientras otros móviles continúan conectados el armor 6 tiene problemas de conectividad.
    Aun no probé la carga sin cable
    el teléfono cumple su función de sobra, yo lo quiero para campo, deportes de aventura y no me importa que sea grande y pesado.

    Apr 28,2019