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Aspirapolvere robot ECcovacs Deebot 901 - Grigio carbonio
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Aspirapolvere robot ECcovacs Deebot 901 - Grigio carbonio

- Grigio chiaro HK

5 5 Recensioni dei clienti | Vedi la descrizione in inglese
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Caratteristiche principali

Products Name DEEBOT 901
Product Description Intelligent Robot that Adapts to Your Unique Home Environment
Key messaging (WOW) Knows More, Cleans Brilliantly
Marketing text This intelligent vacuuming robot, DEEBOT 901, knows your home while it cleans. With Smart Navi Mapping and Navigation Technology, DEEBOT can scan and map your living space to give you customizable cleaning choices. As well being controllable via smart home system, DEEBOT 901 provides you a better experience and cleaner floors beneath your feet.
Differentiator 1 Smart Navi Mapping and Navigation Technology
Differentiator 2 Virtual Boundary & Area mode & Custom mode
Differentiator 3 Interchangeable Inlet System

KSP 1 Knows your home
Glossaries DEEBOT 901 Knows your home. Once it gets started, the robot will scan and map your home which allows it to orient itself and plan an efficient cleaning path. Therefore, DEEBOT 901 provides you customized options while finishing the cleaning tasks efficiently.
Feature 1 Scans and maps to clean your entire floor
Glossaries Smart Navi Mapping and Navigation Technology is what allows DEEBOT 901 to scan and map your whole living space and cover all available ground. With the visual map in ECOVACS App, you can draw virtual boundaries, choose cleaning modes and assign cleaning areas, finding the best way to clean.
Feature 2 Efficient cleaning path adapts to your home
Glossaries As your DEEBOT 901 gets to know its surroundings, it will move in an efficient cleaning path, designed especially for a more thorough and systematic clean.

KSP 2 Customizable for your needs
Glossaries DEEBOT 901 is extremely versatile, with a host of customizable features that can be turned on and adjusted to suit your home, for a more comprehensive clean.
Feature 1 Virtual boundary to block certain areas
Glossaries With the ECOVACS App and mapping feature, you can create virtual boundaries that restrict the DEEBOT to cleaning a specific area, and preventing it from wandering off into areas you don't want it to go.
Feature 2 Prioritize areas for cleaning
Glossaries Using the Area cleaning mode function and map, you can prioritize areas of your home that you want cleaned.
Feature 3 Custom mode for targeted cleaning
Glossaries With Custom mode, you can draw a rectangular on the map in ECOVACS App, then the robot will clean within the specified area. As a result, the DEEBOT can clean the high-traffic areas systematically until they are totally clean.

KSP 3 Capable of cleaning a variety of messes
Glossaries DEEBOT 901 has been designed to clean a variety of messes that might affect your household. You can easily choose the best option for each case and assign your DEEBOT to take care of the mess.
Feature 1 Interchangeable Inlet System for hair-based messes
Glossaries The suction method can be changed depending on your needs. The direct suction inlet is perfect for hair and animal fur, while the helix design main brush provides a deep-reach clean, especially for carpets.
Feature 2 Multi cleaning modes for different messes
Glossaries Whether dirt, debris, or crumbs, the DEEBOT 901 features multiple cleaning patterns specially suited to tackling each of these.

KSP 4 More Intelligent, More Independent
Glossaries The DEEBOT 901 is designed to work autonomously. For example, if the DEEBOT's battery is low, it will go back to the charging station and recharge itself automatically, then return to the area it left off to continue cleaning. It can also be assigned a regular, daily cleaning schedule. This means more time for you to do what you love.

KSP 5 Smart home system compatible
Glossaries DEEBOT 901 is compatible with both Amazon Echo and Google Home, while being controllable via App as well. You can double your Smart Home credentials by using one of these centralized systems to maintain and direct your DEEBOT.
Feature 1 Control DEEBOT, anytime, anywhere
Glossaries With the ECOVACS App you can control and monitor your robot from anywhere: schedule a clean, monitor its status, start a new cleaning session and designate what the areas you want cleaned, all with one simple, easy-to-use app.
Feature 2 Google Home & Amazon Echo compatible
Glossaries If you are a Google Home or Amazon Echo user, you can direct your DEEBOT as you would any other connected device. Link your Smart Home system to your DEEBOT using your ECOVACS App, then give directions: tell it when and how to start cleaning, assign areas and schedule cleaning sessions.

KSP 6 Easy to use
Glossaries Several aspects of the DEEBOT's design make is extra user-friendly and useful. From the quiet operating sound to the automatic software updates, DEEBOT is equipped to fit conveniently into your life.
Feature 1 Quiet cleaning with no annoying noise
Glossaries Loud vacuum can be particularly annoying, both for you and others. The DEEBOT 901 has a lower level of noise than most other vacuum robots and conventional vacuum cleaners.
Feature 2 OTA Technology keeps your DEEBOT updated
Glossaries DEEBOT 901 boasts OTA (Over The Air) technology, meaning that as operating system improvements become available, you can choose to update your robot via ECOVACS App and keep the robot always up to date.
Feature 3 Schedule your daily clean
Glossaries Simply set a regular time and go about your business, and never return to a dirty home again.

Other Selling Points Automatic charging

No human intervention required! When battery power gets low, DEEBOT automatically returns to its Dock Station, all by itself.

Stair Safety Technology

DEEBOT moves safely around your home using anti-drop sensors to clean around stairs.

Obstacle Detection Technology

With its anti-collision sensors and soft cushion bumpers, DEEBOT can avoid obstacles and protect your furniture.

High Efficiency Filter

Breathe more easily with a robot guardian: Cleaning with DEEBOT reduces airborne triggers associated with allergies and asthma.

Voice Reporting

DEEBOT will speak to let you know what it is doing, and to make sure that you are happy with its performance.


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Recensioni dei clienti

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  • Robot Vacuum Cleaner
    ECcovacs Deebot 901 robot vacuum cleaner - Carbon Gray - Light Grey HK
    Wow, this is the most cost-effective product I have ever bought, it works perfectly to clean my house, it can clean every corner of my room according to my needs, I can custom to clean the room, and it can also clean the prescribed routes, what's more, I can control this robot vacuum cleaner via my smartphone, I love it, and I even can't do the housework without it!

    Jul 07,2020

  • Good Cleaner!
    clean well! high efficiency! smart Navigation!
    It's gorgeous! beautiful design ang clean well.
    1. it is pretty quiet, i can do cleaning even during night;
    2. it is smart, it can map your house and clean efficiently;
    3. it won't hit my furniture and wall;
    4. if the battery is low, it will go back to the charging station and recharge itself automatically, then return to the area it left off to continue cleaning;

    Jun 29,2020

  • Antho
    Pour le moment, super content de mon achat.

    Tout est parfait hormis le stockage de dechet entre la bouche de sortie et le bac à poussière.

    Pas de problème de navigation.

    Pour un 1er achat d'un robot aspirateur jen suis satisfait.

    J'ai eu des frais de douane mais je me suis arranger avec le vendeur qui a toujours été disponible.

    Sep 02,2020

  • Mateusz
    Possibly best cheap vacuum cleaner
    Probably one of the best vscuum cleaners for its price. With LIDAR, great suction and possibility to create no go zones in app. I can recommend it!

    Aug 16,2020

  • David
    Très bien
    Excellent aspirateur.
    Application en français.
    Parle en français.

    Nov 17,2020

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