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  • Lillian Hume
    Perfect little flashlight, useful & interesting
    A pretty durable cube shaped flashlight. There are a variety of different things you can play with to occupy your time so it doesn't get too overly repetitive and boring, also equipped with the flashlight function, and it’s brighter than the flashlight of the smartphone, very practical little tool.
    This light is designed with a compact size, I can easily hang it on my bag, and carry it to my camping. Something that I particularly liked about this is that, when I play it to release my stress, it doesn't make a lot of noise, won’t annoy others, but at the same time, it can become a useful survival device. For my own safety, I think it is necessary to take such small tools with me.

    May 25,2019

  • Carl Maria
    Low cost, high build quality
    Mini flashlight with excellent quality!!
    This cube flashlight seems to be very well made. It has several different types of fidget activities, each giving a different tactile experience. I have buttons that click, spin, and scrape optional to relief the bad mood. For the flashlight function, this Beamday BF3 also does a good job, provides bright light for a long time with its durable battery, I think it will help me a lot in the future. Good buy!!

    May 27,2019

  • Bruce IV.
    Well-built product
    Thanks for the fast shipping and well-packaged, this mini flashlight from Beamday seems very well made, has a smooth surface and a good hand-feel. Its light is very bright too.

    May 21,2019

  • Arno Baker
    Good for stress relief
    Originally I bought it for the function of the flashlight, but now I am very satisfied with its decompression function. I play with it almost all the time.

    May 24,2019

  • Jeffrey
    Love the size
    The size of the light is very small, easy to carry and store, also love the waterproof function, because it often rains where I live.

    May 23,2019

  • Hobart Grantham
    Durable battery
    I tried it on my trip last night. It worked in normal mode for at least 7 1/2 hours. The battery is very durable and I'm very satisfied.

    May 24,2019

  • Jessie Yerkes
    Fits good on my bicycle
    Put it on my bicycle and seems quite stable, no more worrying about riding at night without lights! Thanks, Beamday!!

    May 22,2019