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  • Zona Haggai
    I gave away my other flashlights.
    Beyond expectations.
    It's VERY bright at 1000 lumens and has a good lighting range, it also recharges quickly. The charging port and button both have seals which is good for a mechanic like myself. I don't want to ruin it with fluids.
    The flashlight has a strong clip that won't break or bend easy. I have had 0 problems out of it and been purposefully abusing it for a month. Everything from dropping it, throwing it, getting it wet, and leaving it on for long periods of time. It has not faltered once.
    I would recommend this light to anyone who needs a reliable, bright, and durable flashlight that could fit in your pocket.

    Dec 12,2019

  • Boyce Dickens
    Great quality at a lower price!
    This Utorch rechargeable flashlight is a mini powerhouse.
    Easily fits in palm of hand yet puts out a strong , bright , expansive beam of light. The mode features work well and the accessories, like the flashlight itself, are top notch. Being able to charge the battery without removing it from flashlight is extremely convenient.
    Living in a rural , mountainous, wooded area having a couple of these flashlights handy is quite reassuring when power goes out or “things go bump in the night”!
    As I said, for the price, and what you get for it, it's a great flashlight.

    Dec 31,2019

  • Hulda Elsie
    Very, very bright and lots of features
    Flashlight came early, was well packaged and included an English manual, charging cable and the light itself. The light has a pretty handy clip built-in to the bottom of it, and the switch is a button on the body of the light.
    It charged in a few hours and works great, and is very bright. There are 5 mode settings, make it being an ideal portable lighting device for outdoor activities.
    It's really, really bright, and nice in that you don't have to worry about batteries and can charge anywhere you have a USB port (in the car, at home, on your computer, or wherever...).

    Dec 17,2019

  • Leif Keppel
    Great Light
    This thing is great not only because it is bright, but also because it has multiple, useful modes- including a very well thought out strobe- and it is easy to charge, the battery lasts a very long time.

    Dec 25,2019

  • Kent Berkeley
    It feels very solid and durable, the clip is very strong. Just seems like a well built product. And can't beat the price. I will recommend.

    Dec 10,2019

  • Jocelyn Barnard
    Happy with this bright budget friendly light
    I bought it primarily for the recharging and the brightest light setting. So, it lights up my field really well in bright mode.

    Dec 05,2019

  • Mabel Hart
    I can see clearly now.......
    The size is great. It almost fits into the palm of your hand completely.
    Five stars easy.

    Dec 12,2019

  • Burton Grey
    Way brighter than I expected
    It works great and I have no complaints. It slips easily into a pants pocket.

    Dec 04,2019