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  • JOE
    awesome little thing
    This little light is awesome! There's so many things it does that just impressed me for the price. The color selection along with brightness setting is outstanding. The touch controls work well. The changing base works good enough, although I've only had to use it the first time. The battery lasts forever. It's a very intelligent device that exceeds the price. Very impressed.

    Dec 24,2018

  • Claudio
    Ho ordinato questa luce con batteria ricaricabile e sono rimasto veramente soddisfatto dal prodotto. La ricarica è sufficiente per un uso prolungato e la luce è regolabile per intensità e calore della luce. La consegna è avvenuta nei tempi stabiliti e l'imballo è risultato adatto al trasporto. Sono restato davvero soddisfatto del prodotto e del venditore. Lo consiglio a chi cerca questo tipo di prodotti.

    Feb 10,2019

  • Catherine
    like the touch control
    I really wanted a good night light but could not justify spending so much money on it. I settled on this to keep next to my bed. It was needed so that I could attend my newborn in the middle of the night. I love how you just have to tap it and the light can get brighter or dimmer.

    Jan 01,2019

  • Renee
    helpful at night
    This light has been a huge help in my son's room. When he wakes up at night, the dimming feature lets me choose exactly how much light we need. No more fumbling in the dark, or trying to use indirect light from the hall, which I then can't turn off when he falls asleep on me.

    Dec 31,2018

  • Vasilis
    I couldn't imagine how perfect this light could be until i received it !
    It is perfect if you want to read something in the dark, it is perfect if you want some light in your bedroom and the battery is perfect for a lot of days (don't leave it on night long)

    Jan 22,2019

  • Mike
    After we got blackout curtains for his room, it became impossible to see to navigate around in his room without the light on, even during the day, so this little light has been a lifesaver.

    Dec 27,2018

  • William
    can be used outdoor
    Love this light! It's so convenient and it does more than what I thought it would. My husband took the kids to camp last week, and he said this lamp is very useful, didn't break in the rain.

    Dec 27,2018

  • Juraj
    Utorch s200
    Very strong light . Good helper at night. I am happy. Recommended it totally perfect

    Mar 28,2019

  • Mikhail
    Хорошие огоньки
    Очень даже неплохие компактные перезаряжаемые лампы для кемпинга или дачи. имеется возможность как диммирования, так и регулировки цвета от теплого до холодного белого оттенков. Светит достаточно ярко, заявлена батарея аж в 2000 ма.ч. Не проверял пока.

    Feb 11,2019

  • roee
    s200 night light
    very nice
    looks good and solid
    strong light and works great

    Jan 25,2019