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  • HamdiR
    A new Android underdog, amazing hardware with a rock solid UI in need of a major redesign
    This phone is the most impressive Android hardware this year and everyone else is seriously left in the dust, if you check tear-down videos you will be more amazed by the engineering and build quality on the inside as it is outside.I have previously tried the Chinese version and this global edition is a serious improvement in ROM quality, it was amended with thoughtful considerations to the global audience.The Nex is less buggy and smoother than major android brands like Samsung flagships, when you couple it with Nova this thing is insanely fast and buttery. The gesture navigation system works like a charm and you will never want to go back to the old ways.This device is oozing with quality parts- Excellent AI Driven mics (but WhatsApp recording are low in volume, needs to be addressed)- Latest UFS storage- Best available camera sensor IMX363- Insanely clear and loud single speaker setup- Their own custom made DAC (included buds are average but the DAC shines on quality headphones)- Incredible build quality and internal design, despite the complexity it is still cleaner than an HTC on the inside- One of the best Amoleds i have ever seen (with diamond pentile pattern, HDR, DCI-P3)- Fingerprint on the screen which works (if setup correctly and you only touch the screen in the right place)- Ultrasonic earpiece- Second highest screen to body ratio of any phone (the title belongs to the Find X)- 4000mAh battery that actually acts like one (you end the day with 50% left)There are three major shortcomings:- Blatant exact iOS copying, this an alarming issue from Vivo and they need to reconsider their graphics design for the global Android audience to embrace their UI- Overprocessing in the camera muting the detail from the great hardware (tip: disable AI scene and 24MP up-scaling)- The size might be a little too much for everyone, its taller than iPhone XS Max but on the plus it's amazingly light for it's sizeI am not saying this phone is perfect, it has flaws, but for it's price this is an excellent cut edge deal in an industry plagued by theft and medicority.

    Oct 16,2018

  • Luis
    El mejor móvil todo pantalla (91.25% de ratio)
    Antes de empezar y como aclaración principal, es versión india llamada international version o lo que es lo mismo, en este caso, versión totalmente global. Prescinde de store y aplicaciones chinas (como la IA de Jovi) y en su lugar instala Google Stock 8.1, bajo la capa Funtouch (Google lens sustituye al asistente Jovi). Al incluir las credenciales nativas de Google todo funciona perfectamente, WhatsApp, Google maps, notificaciones, control de energía y permiso de aplicaciones... TODO PERFECTO, como cualquier otro móvil comprado en tu país (además por lo menos en España tiene todas las bandas móviles que utilizan las empresas de telefonía). Así que compra tranquila, asegurada y uso perfecto del smartphone, y no como la versión china (aunque tenga idioma español) donde aunque puedas instalar la Google Play, funciona todo mal, se auto cierran las aplicaciones, no llegan notificaciones, etc... Único inconveniente problemas de garantía, pero es raro, hoy en día pocos móviles fallan. Por lo demás enamorado de este móvil cámara con puntuación de 100 en DsoMark (por encima del Samsung S9 plus), batería increíble (4000mah) , pantalla increíble (superamoled) , la segunda mejor puntuación mundial en Antutu ( unos 299.000 puntos). Las únicas pegas, y que por lo menos para mi no lo son pero hay que citarlas, es que no tiene NFC y lógicamente no que debido a mecanismo de la cámara no es sumergible ni resistente al agua. Resumiendo y siendo muy sincero por unos 550€ por los que esta ahora mismo (3 de octubre 2018) el mejor móvil sin duda, mismas prestaciones (o mejores) y que Huawei p20 pro, y Samsung Galaxy Note 9 y otros tantos pero a la mitad de su precio (otra cosa es que estos últimos ganen en ciertos puntos, como la cámara del P20 pro... pero eso ya cada uno...) COMPRA TOTALMENTE RECOMENDABLE

    Oct 03,2018

  • firephinx
    Amazing Phone that is Worth your Money
    The Vivo NEX is an amazing futuristic phone that costs way less than the outrageous $1000 price tags of the new iPhones and Samsung Galaxy Note 9. It has a self-elevating front camera that will alert you when an app is using your front camera. It's back cameras are decent. It uses screen vibrations to produce sound for phone calls which sounds exactly like a regular speaker so no issues there. The main thing is the amazing screen which will beat phones with a notch any day. In addition, it has an in-screen fingerprint that works around 80% of the time. I would have rather had a back finger print reader, but this phone has a Snapdragon 845 and 8GB of RAM instead as well as more LTE bands. I can confirm that this phone will work both on T-Mobile and AT&T in the US. In addition, this is the Hong Kong version of the phone, which has all of the Google apps already built in and not all of the chinese apps. In turn, this comes with a Hong Kong power adapter, but they included a US plug converter for free. The Vivo NEX also comes with a very nice soft matte plastic case that feels sort of like the band on the Xiaomi Mi Band 3. It feels amazing in the hand and will protect the glass back of the phone. Finally, this phone has plenty of power and speed and will get you looks from everyone who will want to know what phone this is. I would highly recommend this futuristic phone.

    Sep 22,2018

  • Violeta
    This mobile phone is nearly the best one in the present phone market. If you are tired of stupid fringe style phone, there are only three options for you at this price range. Xiaomi mix 2, Vivo nex and Oppo find X. I bought the Xiaomi mix 2 for my boyfriend. It's a good product for sure but there are two things that will be probably a negative point. The front camera location and it's quality. It's quite annoying that you need to turn it upside down to take a selfie. And the lack of 3.5mm earphone connector. (I don't want to use wireless earphone, there are too much electronic things need to be charged everyday.). Oppo find X is also a good phone, but it's a little bit risky having a large sliding structure with all the sensor, reciver on it. The advantage of Vivo nex is that they only have the front camera there, which means if it breaks down, at leats you just lose the front camera. The price is razonable with the applied discount, but I still have to pay 36 euros for the VAT and the tarrif with DHL shipping. It arrives to Spain only in 4 days, super fast! The charging adaptor doesn't work for European plug.

    Oct 26,2018

  • Vivo
    Le meilleur smartphone 2018!
    C'est vraiment un changement radical, j'avais un iPhone 7 et passer à cet écran magnifique cela fait un changement. Au début j'étais sceptique car je ne savais pas à quel genre de qualité m'attendre et bien je peux vous dire que je suis surpris. Il est doté d'un magnifique écran d'une très belle qualité qui d'ailleurs surprend par sa taille au premiers abords mais on s'y fait vite et je peux vous dire que je ne pourrais pas revenir à plus petit haha, je le trouve très agréable à l'utilisation et personnellement j'aime la surcouche funtouch car à la base j'avais un iPhone donc je me retrouve pas trop dépaysé, il y a aussi beaucoup de fonctionnalités pour se simplifier la vie. L'autonomie est excellente, avec mon utilisation assez intense je tiens une journée et demi, bluffant. C'est écran sans bord procure une belle sensation la qualité du produit est très bien finie, la rapidité et fluidité au rendez vous, et il est capable de prendre d'excellent clichés. Je ne regrette pas une seconde mon choix si vous hésitez je peux vous dire foncez (PS Avis après 1 mois et demi d'utlisation)

    Nov 09,2018

  • netz
    Top Handy
    Vorteile:FingerabdruckscannerTop Kameras AkkulaufzeitDisplaySystem FunTouch OS 4.0 KopfhöreranschlussSpeicher RamProzessorAlso ich habe das Vivo NEX Ultimate 128 GB vor paar Tagen erhalten und bin begeistert. Ist ein super Handy. High lite ist der Fingerabdruckscanner im Display. Er funktioniert auch sehr schnell. Die ausfahrbare Kamera werde ich nicht viel benutzen, aber ist auch ganz nett. Die Hauptkamera macht sehr gute Fotos wie ich finde. Sie ist besser als das Oneplus 6. Siehe dazu Beispielfotos die ich hoch geladen habe. Sonst läuft auch alles flüssig und FunTouch OS 4.0 gefällt mir sehr gut. Die Akkulaufzeit ist auch richtig stark. Google Dienste sind auch installiert (Playstore ). Es lässt sich auch einfach auf Deutsch einstellen. Einfach ein Top Handy wie ich finde.
    Keine Benachrichtigung LEDEingebauter Lautsprecher ist nur mono

    Aug 10,2018

  • demise reece
    super phone
    this phone meets all the requirements the future may throw at you, it's fast powerful and great to look at,, the screen is epic, the battery gives me 10 hours screen time, standby time is also very good, the under screen fingerprint reader can be a little temprementle but it works most of the time and looks cool, the cameras are great, global Rom is a pleasure to use, and at the price it's a win win situation, I'm glad I purchased this device on so many levels , out of the box you'll enjoy this phone and then when you customize the device to make it your own you'll be blown away, 10/10 vivo good job

    Sep 29,2018

  • Manfredi
    Un V30 con gli steroidi
    Audio che supera in potenza, soundstage e dinamismo LG V30, che ho avuto per qualche giorno.Schermo AMOLED perfetto in uniformità di colori e neri, non a caso è di produzione Samsung. Colori non troppo saturi, tonalità mantenute naturali. Non c'è possibilità di settare profili colore diversi se non per la modalità lettura.Lettore d'impronte che funziona 10 volte su 10, magari sono le mie mani ad essere magiche, ma non ho assolutamente riscontrato i problemi descritti da millemila recensori riguardo il sensore (il quale NON VA premuto, bisogna soltanto APPOGGIARE il dito)Batteria immortale, fotocamera eccezionale soprattutto con GCAM e HDR + Avanzato (aumenta soprattutto la qualità della frontale a scomparsa).Assolutamente consigliato.

    Oct 19,2018

  • Yassine
    Le vrais iphone X - The true iphone X
    Bizarre qu'il y ai si peut de commentaire, au début ça ma un peut freiner a l'acheter. Mais finalement je suis content de moi même très content. J'ai bien fait de ne pas avoir acheter l'iphone 10. Le vivo nex s possède tout ce que l'iphone X avait promis mais qu'il n'as pas sortie. écran quasiment borderless. capteur digital sous l’écran, écran qui est juste sublime. a l'aide de son chargeur rapide j'ai chronométré 50 min pour passer de 5% a 80%. A et concernant la livraison on m'avait fait peur en me disant qu'il allais mettre 1 a 2 mois pour venir mais finalement ce n’était que des message automatique de gearbest et le colis a mis 14 jour a venir dans la plage des 10 a 18 jour annoncé.Meilleur rapport qualité prix ça métrite les 5 étoile.

    Aug 20,2018

  • TimTech
    Super Smartphone
    Das Vivo Nex S ist genau das richtige für anspruchsvolle Nutzer welche ein großes Display mit sehr guten Farben und Helligkeit haben möchten. Der Fingerabdruck im Display ist die Krönung am Innovation Woche Vivo hier verbaut. Er funktioniert absolut zuversichtlich und schnell, So wie das gesamte sagen welche eine schöne und vor allem gute Mischung aus IOS und Android ist. Kamera ist auch nichts drüber zu sagen außer scharfe Bilder mit einem Problem bei deinem Licht aber das ist die Königsdiziplin. Ich bin sehr zufrieden mit dem Smartphone und wenn auch mit einem 14 Tägigem Versand, unbeschädigt hier ankommt bin ich zufrieden.

    Oct 08,2018