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  • gyureesz
    sì (0) Colore: Silver
    Walk with it, work with it!
    I have not used the tablet so long ago, but I am very pleased with it, so I gave it maximum. The design is very nice, no complaints about the quality of the assembly. It's a good catch and a foldable support brilliant solution. The tablet cannot be said to be easy, but it is just a 10 "machine. I really like the speed of the machine, much faster than I expected. The 4 GB RAM, 64GB ROM and the 10-core processor are all enough. I'm mostly running graphics programs, but I'm also watching videos and pictures. The camera resolution is right for me, making nice pictures. I also bought a stylus because it is essential for graphic work. It works well and is very fast.I used to have a smaller ASUS tablet for work, but this machine is a big leap. There is currently no feature that I do not like, but I keep testing.

    Jan 22,2019

  • Guillermo
    sì (0) Colore: Silver
    Encantado con el dispositivo.El procesador MTK 6797 con 4GB de ram y 64GB de almacenamiento, hasta el momento no he prsentadofallas o cuelgues en las aplicaciones.Tiene la opcion de 4G o datos a través de redes celulares, pero aqui en Colombia no se puede usar porque el dispositivo no tiene FCCID para poder operar.Muy bonito, color silver, un punto adicional, la tapa de aluminio, para poder ajustar la inclinacion de la pantalla.No tengo ningun comentario negativo, la tableta la uso para contenido multimedia, redes sociales, leer noticias. La bateria me ha durado las 24 horas haciendo lo anterior

    Sep 12,2018

  • Mihail
    sì (0) Colore: Silver
    The best tablet I had so far
    Most important - battery standby is over 4 days. And this is with 4G on. Without it - probably more. The tablet works fast and the screen is very good. Bright and easy to see from various angles. It also has integrated functions for picture and sound improvements. The folding stand comes handy too.
    I would personally prefer if it supported more external RAM, but still this is OK.

    Jun 28,2018

  • Hugo
    sì (2) Colore: Silver
    Bad wifi and 4G connection.
    The equipment have a very nice price comparing to others in the same price range/quality.The Quality of material, and some of the hardware are very good and athe acesibility is very good.The trick to put the tablet in a good posicion to read is perfect.
    Terrible wifi and 4G connection.The wifi does not work properly, it is always falling down not lying a call.Also the 4G or 3G connection does not work, and the SIM CARD has already been tested on other devices and works at 100%.I have other tablets bought here, including the brand VOYO and they work very well.I do not recommend this equipment.

    Aug 10,2018


    Thank you for ordering with GearBest.
    We regret that the item is not to your satisfaction.
    Confirm that the SIM card is consistent with the product's network channel.
    Confirm that the user uses the geographical coverage with signal coverage.
    Try to restore factory settings.
    Customers are advised to follow our instructions to use this item. If it still not works well for your product, please contact us for help.
    You can contact us through this link: https://www.GearBest.com/about/contact-us.html. Our customer service will offer solutions to your issue according to our warranty policy: https://www.GearBest.com/about/warranty-and-return.html.
    Best regards,

  • VOYO i8 Max 4G Phablet
    sì (0) Colore: Silver
    VOYO i8 Max 4G Phablet
    VOYO i8 Max 4G Phablet is a quick increase and easy to install application, a powerful battery for long-time use and the speed of mobility between applications really great device and affordable
    Amazing phablet I love it

    Jul 03,2018

  • AlphaRomeo
    sì (0) Colore: Silver
    Very Good Choice !!!
    I think this product is a very good product. At first, I was a bit worried because it was not a famous brand product, but since I tried it, my thinking changed a lot. The design is good and practical, and the receiving sensitivity of 4G is also very good. Satisfies.

    Aug 18,2018

  • Gil
    sì (0) Colore: Silver
    Voyo i8 Max
    + Verarbeitung System läuft flüssig (Stock Android?) Gutes Display USB Buchse zum aufladen Ideal zum Filme schauen WLAN läuft ohne ProblemeNicht getestet habe ich wie das Tablet mit SIM-Karte läuft. Ich brauche das Gerät nur zu hause.

    Oct 12,2018

  • zahari mohder
    sì (1) Colore: Silver
    i bought this phablet because of the features I saw on gearbest. I satiafied with the deca core processor. Everything works very smooth. Thank you gearbest.
    Amazing phablet I love it

    May 05,2018

  • VOYO i8 Max 4G Phablet
    sì (0) Colore: Silver
    VOYO i8 Max 4G Phablet
    VOYO i8 Max 4G Phablet is fast boost up and easy to application install , battery is strong for longtime using
    all acceptable

    Jun 11,2018

  • Andrey
    sì (0) Colore: Silver
    always shutdown
    Планшет до не давнего времени сам выключался, теперь выключился, включить не могу. лежит как кирпич. не рекомендую

    Aug 28,2019


    Thank you for choosing Gearbest and apologize for any inconvenience came up with the product.
    Please review our warranty here:http://www.gearbest.com/about/warranty-and-return.html
    We promise we'll improve our service and quality . If you have any after-sales problem with the product,welcome to contact us:http://support.gearbest.com/
    We wish you have a nice day.
    Best Regards
    Gearbest Customer Service