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  • Vinayak
    Easy to use, stylish and lightweight
    The black piano key finish switches, feels quite good in the hand, weight is around 234 grams, so is easy to work with for long hours. Included is a cylindrical package with 20 bit’s which are made of s2 alloy steel, and can be interchanged as per the type required.

    The screwdriver is powered by two AAA batteries,which are supposed to last 8 hours of continuous use, would have liked usb charging so that i wouldn't have to keep changing batteries.

    The weight distribution is also well done, making using the screwdriver comfortable.

    This screwdriver is more for recommended tech projects where you generally work with small screws, and need precision, the wowstick will ace through most tasks. If perchance you need more torque, in other words more power to unscrew something tight, just let go of the switch and use your hand.

    The weight distribution is also well done, making using the screwdriver comfortable.

    Stylish Anodized Aluminium construction
    Slim and lightweight tube design, looks like a pen
    Battery powered, so can be used anywhere
    Battery life of 8 Hours with 180 day standby
    Great to work with small screws, such as glasses, cameras, mobile phones etc
    No box to store the screwdriver and the bits together
    No LED lights up, to illuminate the area when working
    Sometimes not enough power to open really tight screws, use you hand to loosen it then use the powered mode

    If you are frequently opening up stuff, and a standard screwdriver just is not stylish enough. This might
    help making repairs more fun.

    Oct 02,2018

  • Denis
    Sehr praktisch.
    Erst mal vorne weg, er stink nach Elektronik und zwar extrem. Bewahre ihn in einem geschlossenen Kästchen auf! Batterien sind nach Gebrauch zu entfernen, sonst sind sie leer!

    So nun aber,
    Sehr praktisch im Pc bastel Bereich. Stärke des Akku Schrauber ist ok. Fester sollten Schrauben nicht sein.
    Die mitgelieferten Bits sind reichlich, es ist alles dabei was mach benötigt. Ist der Akku leer, kann man ihn als Schraubendreher manuell benutzen, das ist praktisch! Für den Preis eine klare Empfehlung!
    ——-Google Translate———

    First off the front, he stinks of electronics and indeed extremely. Keep him in a closed box! Batteries are to be removed after use, otherwise they are empty!
    So now,
    Very handy in the PC craft area. Strength of the battery screwdriver is ok. Bolts should not be firmer.
    The included bits are plentiful, it's all there that needs to be done. If the battery is empty, you can use it manually as a screwdriver, that's handy! For the price a clear recommendation!

    Nov 24,2018

  • Kim Andre
    Super screwdriver, but it could have had higher torque.
    Super screwdriver, all packaging looked very professional and judging by that it could have costed 3 times the price! Bits are very durable and I have yet to brake or damage one. If you consider buying this screwdriver I would consider the rechargeable version instead since it sucks having to change batteries! :p

    All in all, I would not hesitate to recomend this to anybody else! :D
    The only thing that bothers me is that it should have come with a better grip. I used self-amalgamating tape to make a grip, so now it sits much better without slipping.

    Oct 18,2018

  • Dexter
    Ottimo prodotto
    Il prodotto è davvero ottimo. Funzione alla grande. Se la vite dovesse essere troppo stretta può essere usato inizialmente come un semplice giravate manuale (infatti ha un blocco per non girare a vuoto). Quando la vite sarà lenta si potrà usare la funzione elettrica.
    Il vasto assortimento di punte è davvero pazzesco e consente di avere tutte le punte necessarie per ogni evenienza.
    Lo consiglio davvero a chiunque utilizzi materiale elettrico e necessita sempre di moltissime punte, anche particolari.

    Nov 03,2018

  • Muhammet Burtsalioglu
    Çok kaliteli ürün.
    Bu ürünün daha önce kılıflısını almıştım. Masaüstü kullanım için bu ayaklı modeli satın aldım. Ayağının altı kaydırmaz ve oldukça ağır öle kolay kolay düşmez ve dengesi bozulmaz. Yanında magnet yapma mıknatısı ile geldi. Kılıflı modelde o mıkınatıs olmuyor ve ayrıca satın almak gerekiyor. Ben pille çalışan model tercih ediyorum, şarj bitti problemi bazen can sıkıcı olabiliyor. Tavsiye edilir.

    Feb 26,2019

  • ElekTrikAl
    Wowstick. I love this tool.
    I have many precision screwdriver sets. I never thought of how convenient a powered set would be until I started using this one. What's even better is the bits from my older set can be used with this one. This will become my go to tool for my laptop and phone repairs. Highly recommend.

    Jul 10,2018

  • Manes
    Wonderful quality and desing. By Xiaomi good work
    Hello. Product short time received. Perfect quality and design. A very functional and useful product.
    Xiaomi has prepared this product with great care and presented it to its users. Works with 2 AA batteries. Suitable for manual and automatic use. The engine is powerful enough to remove a screw, but because it is manual, you can remove the screws too tightly.

    Feb 09,2019

  • Zawan24


    It is used for screw removal and temporary fixing when disassembling and assembling electronic devices.

    I feel that the torque is a little insufficient, but when used in combination with normal screw tightening, the work efficiency has improved significantly.

    Sep 23,2020

  • valboss
    WOWSTICK 1P Cacciavite Manuale Elettrico a batteria
    Ottimo attrezzo per chi ama riparare oggetti piccoli e delicati. L'oggetto in sé stesso è bellissimo. Costruito in ottimo materiale funziona perfettamente. Avrei dato 5 stelle se fosse stato ricaricabile.

    Dec 31,2018

  • panos93k
    WOWSTICK 1P Electric Manual Screwdriver
    Excellent product, with an interesting package and very big attention to details. The usage so far is flawless and the containing screw set with various bits is more than useful.

    Oct 03,2018