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  • Cici
    comfortable to grip
    I bought this gaming mouse for my husband and he likes it very much. I am really happy with my choice. It looks good, to me it is super sensitive and very accurate. Its grip is very comfortable and fits his big hands perfectly. This mouse is perfect for me, and I really cannot explain it in other ways. If there are any questions in the future, I will edit this comment. But as long as I am satisfied, this review will not be edited

    Nov 21,2020

  • 123Nihsa
    good mouse
    In any case, the important thing is that the mouse feels very good in your hand, even if you play on the computer for several hours, it is very comfortable to use. Its response speed is very fast, there is a button that allows you to quickly switch between two preset sensitivity settings, if you want to play games, or streaming media, this is a good mouse.

    Oct 27,2020

  • Allan
    This is a very good work. When I "feel" the quality and see it, I am fine. This mouse has all the function buttons I want, smooth and easy sliding, and precise precision. However, it has more! I would recommend this mouse to anyone, especially gamers. In other words, this is still a very good mouse, and it is worth the money!

    Nov 11,2020

  • Amy
    feels sturdy
    The mouse itself feels sturdy, well constructed, and the buttons are well laid out and sturdy.

    Oct 03,2020

  • ithus
    performed well
    I have been playing with this device for a month, it performed well, nothing to complain

    Oct 25,2020

  • Marshall
    Respond to every action and click. After a few weeks of use, it works perfectly.

    Oct 31,2020

  • Micheal
    good price
    worth for the money, good price

    Nov 14,2020

  • Kiki01
    Easy to use
    Easy to use

    Nov 01,2020