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  • Eric L
    well-made Android TV box
    Decided to buy a mid-range product, a smaller second TV in my home. This remote control meets my requirements. It is equipped with everything I need, a well-made Android TV box. I started it and thought of the easy-to-follow installation guide, and it was closed and running after a few minutes. I updated the application using the Play Store, installed and tested it, no problem. Run my favorite Kodak application and it handles the task very well.

    Dec 22,2020

  • Oliver
    enjoy 5G with top box
    It supports 5G wifi which can provide me with incredible fast internet, I really enjoy the advanced 5G technology, moreover, its picture and sound are very clear and great, it gives me and my family a amazing entertaining time,it is also easy to operate, even my little son can use it freely . For these reason I will definitely recommend it to you

    Nov 08,2020

  • sillyxone
    Always top
    This is my second X96 TV box, there is not any defect on this TV Box, so I am a fan of the nice product, it runs smoothly with the Android 10 OS and support the wide range of apps, therefore, I can with this TV box do everything, including watching movies and TV series, browse Internet, and playing games etc. Worth buying it

    Nov 30,2020

  • Rickard
    Nice tv box
    I purchased this TV box for my new home, it brings me very nice shopping and use experience. Got it earlier than I expected and good packaged. Once I received it, I set up very quickly following the instruction, it is really simple, then I tried it for a while, all functions are working well so far. Very glad to own it

    Oct 01,2020

  • Yela
    simple setting
    The setting is very simple and intuitive and only takes a few minutes. I can connect a fast USB device to stream directly from the local storage. I have not used all the Android set-top boxes on the market, but I would definitely recommend this one because it is very easy to use and the quality is good.

    Dec 12,2020

  • Leo
    image quality is very good
    Delivery is faster than promised. The WiFi signal is very strong, and I can only use WiFi to stream live TV and online movies without any interruption or freezing. I have many boxes from other manufacturers. The image quality is very good and I always play it in HD format.

    Dec 08,2020

  • Sean
    Function is very complete
    The overall is very good, the function is very complete, the sound quality is clear, the quality of workmanship is also very good. The picture is very clear and the playback is smooth, which is really good. Recommend everyone to buy

    Dec 14,2020

  • Vic
    Beautiful and generous
    This TV box is very good, small and exquisite, beautiful and generous, the page is clean and tidy, the running speed is also very fast, the picture quality is also very good, and the playback is not stuck. Very satisfied

    Nov 11,2020

  • Ninc
    Very easy to use
    Very easy to use, very high definition, clear video, quick response, and good sound quality. Installation of the APP is also fast. Good quality, small and beautiful appearance, worth buying

    Nov 15,2020

  • Herry
    the best TV I have ever bought
    If you want to know if you should buy an Android TV box like me, let me tell you, do it!! This is the best TV I have ever bought.

    Nov 30,2020