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  • Aldo Filosa (Mr. Edo DJ)
    Xiaomi Mi 9T Pro
    Salve a tutti miei cari amici di GearBest....

    Ho acquistato questo Xiaomi Mi 9 T Pro perché avevo bisogno di un telefono Molto Performante ma senza dover spendere somme di denaro assurde e questo Xiaomi Mi 9 T Pro é il giusto compromesso tra Qualità ed Elevate Prestazioni ma ad un prezzo molto accessibile per tutti.
    Xiaomi Mi 9 T Pro é uno smartphone abbastanza compatto con uno spessore di 8,8 millimetri ed un peso di circa 190 grammi, costruito ottimamente e con un profilo metallico più sottile sui lati e con un vetro posteriore che lascia intravedere le sue varie trame di colori (io ho scelto la variante nera con effetto fibra di carbonio).
    Molto Interessanti i vari dettagli, come il cerchio rosso sulla fotocamera da 48 mega pixel, il tasto rosso di accensione e la fotocamera pop-up che integra all'interno un led di notifica che si illumina di rosso quando viene aperta.
    Lo Xiaomi Mi 9 T Pro é quindi uno smartphone Robusto e Molto Ben costruito che grazie al suo processore, che adesso é il top sul mercato, ovvero lo Snapdragon 855 octa core da 2,84 GHz, con GPU Adreno 640 gli riesce a dare delle prestazioni molto notevoli.

    Conclusioni Finali:
    Io personalmente sto utilizzando questo Xiaomi Mi 9 T Pro ormai da diversi giorni e mi ci sto trovando veramente MOLTO bene, quindi, io Vi consiglio Molto Vivamente di acquistare questo Xiaomi Mi 9 T Pro e son sicuro che ne rimarrete Molto Entusiasti come ne sono rimasto io.

    Nov 28,2019

  • Iddriss
    Oneplus 7T the best smartphone for this price
    I order this phone 27 December 2019 and it arrived 16 January 2020.
    i bought this smartphone Oneplus 7T.
    because it is one of the best android phones for this price. it is always quick and fluid in all animations and every day you use it you understand that it is worth every euro spent. and the oxygen OS is wonderful is quite like android stock but with more personalization.
    this device features a 6.55-inch 90Hz Amoled screen with 2400 x 1080p (FHD +) resolution and a density of 402 ppi, with a 3D Corning Gorilla Glass rear body.

    Inside the OnePlus 7T smartphone you can find a Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 Plus processor with an operating frequency of 2.96 GHz, together with an Adreno 640 graphics processor. The device is available in versions with 128 or 256 GB of internal memory, not expandable via microSD, combined with 8 GB of RAM. In addition, the Android 10 software is installed on the device.

    OnePlus 7T is equipped with a triple 48 + 12 + 16 megapixel rear camera with Sony sensor, focal aperture f / 1.6 and Dual LED flash. On the front, however, you can find a 16 megapixel camera, ideal for taking beautiful selfies. As for the power supply, the battery is 3800 mAh with the fast charging technology Warp Charge 30W, which allows you to recharge the device in a few minutes.

    Jan 17,2020

  • Morlopz88
    El mejor calidad precio
    El paquete tardo en llegar 21 días hábiles, tomando en cuenta que el pedido lo realice en Diciembre en la venta especial, elegí la forma de envío tradicional por la cual pagué menos de $50 pesos mexicanos, y ya que no se podía rastrear compre el seguro de envío. Pasados los 15 días hábiles estimados de entrega busque mi pedido mediante la página Hound Express y gratamente encontré mi pedido en tránsito, al final el pedido fue entregado por Estafeta y llegó en perfectas condiciones, con un retraso aceptable y sin cobros de aduana. El teléfono es casi perfecto, los acabados muy premium y al segundo día en automático me pidió la actualización a MIUI 11.0.3, Se actualizo rápido y sin problema alguno, el cargador tiene la entrada Europea, pero envían el adaptador para mi región. Estoy muy complacido una vez más con el envío de Gearbest, un excelente producto, a un precio perfecto y con un envío seguro y con tiempo aceptable de entrega, sobre todo por el precio de dicho envío. Sin duda recomiendo comprar con envío tradicional, ya que a pesar de ser más tardado, es menos probable que sea revisado por aduana.

    Jan 24,2020

  • Rrl hempill
    xiaomi Mi 9T Pro, Aust
    Gear Best has a good very active platform. So signed up as a member and sorted out the devices I liked. I submitted the order on the 26th Oct received on the 4/11/19 so good response here for delivery. Difficult to track the item once Chullora Nsw despatch got the parcel there was email notifications. Email a day before Parcel arrived and email saying delivered. Could drop off at Australia Post in this despatch also. The xiaomi Mi devices have great accessories , well engineered. purchased the Mi 9T Pro 6 GB 128GB pre installed apps uses around 14GB of space. Noted the Google apps pre-installed. I used my SIM card .. remember to "wake "up the wifi turn the air plane mode Off to On Of again. get apps from old mobile re install
    ed Via Google Play / library ok. I set up Google Drive for downloads. Also set up the hot spot used the password. So some hrs to set up new phone again. pre loaded apps shown in pictures here.

    Nov 05,2019

  • DJ Price
    So far, so good!
    I have had a Xiaomi phone before this phone, I had the Pocophone F1. My issue with most of the Xiaomi range is MIUI. I find that a number of apps, if not all don't run properly or as they should due the restrictions that are in place with MIUI. Apps don't always run at all, background apps that should run when needed are restricted etc. With the above restrictions, I find that the phone & apps need a lot of hidden tweaking to be able to have it all running how I'm used to.

    The phone itself is very good, I have updated to the latest MIUI, but personally find that the battery life isn't as good as I'd expect from a 4000 mAh battery. I've not had a full in depth use of the phone having only been using it a couple of days now, but I'm happy to have not paid the full UK price for it.

    Once I've had a more in depth use of the phone I'll try to update again.

    Dec 21,2019

  • Serge
    Xiaomi Mi9T Pro 128GB
    A phone aspiring to be a flagship at the price of a mid-range smartphone. The graphics system and processor cope very well with the most demanding games, and support for many applications does not cause him any problems. Battery optimized correctly - the phone keeps one day with constant use (I skip the use of data transfer, because no battery likes it). The screen reflects colors very well - they look almost natural. The fingerprint reader and NFC work flawlessly. Before the selfie slides out without any interference and is not a disadvantage of this phone - it is a new standard set by manufacturers from Asia. I estimate the cameras as "four". This is not the quality of photos straight from Samsung or "apple" phones, but the photos look really good. Funckaj Quick Charge 4.0 also works fine - quick charging is now a "must have". To sum up, the phone is worth the price and I recommend it to everyone, especially to Xiaomi fans.

    Dec 20,2019

  • Mark
    Best buy
    MIUI 10 is very fluid and therefore the first approach was immediately positive.
    I then went on to analyze the rest. I will skip over the hardware because you will find articles on articles and detailed technical sheets around. So to say that the processor is .... or the ram ... etc. would not give anything useful to this opinion.
    So what are we talking about? Let's talk about how cool the retractable front camera is? of fingerprint recognition on the screen? of facial recognition? battery?
    No, let's talk about how simple it is to use this phone, other than Iphone, than it is convenient to have an infinite display without holes and frames. Let's talk if you want some really great speaker volume.
    What are we talking about? use it and you'll find out why I gave up Samsung for a Chinese mobile phone.

    Nov 13,2019

  • Daniel
    Best value for money
    The phone arrived in 18 dayes with the Priority Line, no tax payment and no extra fees. I have test it for 2 days and for a user that has uses only flagship phones I have some problems with the MIUI. For example the lack of the app drawer is a big problem for me so I have updated to the Alpha launcher of the MIUI and that is a little bugy. Over all the phone is great for the money, the main camera is ok, but not quite as good as the real flagships out there. I really like the screen with no notch. The gestures navigation is ok but I really miss the corners gestures to Google Assistant l, hope that Xiaomi add that somehow.
    Thanks for the price to the Gearbest team. I really appreciate the price.

    Dec 20,2019

  • Chris
    Best phone for the price without a doubt
    I bought this phone after doing tons of research at various different options including the Mi 9, Pixel 3A, Samsung Galaxy A50, etc. None of the options I looked at had all of these key features that make a great phone: Amazing battery life (I regularly get 9+ hours screen on time), full no notch display, OLED screen (many competitors at this price have LCD) and a top of the line Snapdragon 855 chip. Another question many people have is what to choose, the Mi 9T or the Mi 9T Pro. I say go with the Mi 9T Pro, it is lightning fast, has more support in the rooting and custom ROM community, and actually has BETTER battery life than the Mi 9. Look at reviews for both from GSMArena if you don't believe me. Overall, happy with purchase.

    Dec 13,2019

  • Ayyoub
    thanks gearbest
    6 days "dhl" algeria

    If you aren’t quite ready to get a 5G phone and want something more affordable than a Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus or Huawei P30 Pro to tide you over until 5G coverage improves, then the Xiaomi Mi 9T Pro could be it.

    Xiaomi's latest handset delivers similar specs to a top-tier phone, despite costing what you would expect to pay for a mid-ranger.

    With a 6.39-inch Full HD+ Super AMOLED display, it’s similar in size, spec, and screen appeal to pricier phones like the Oppo Reno 10x Zoom, and thanks to a Snapdragon 855 chipset under the hood, it’s also powerful.

    Oct 31,2019