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  • David Zherdenovsky
    Bold and elegant
    Well the best way to describe this earphones is by going in detail.
    so let's start with the most important for me personally - the sound:
    it's clear, the bass is great, and the high tones never slip away, they are crystal clear.
    2. The design:
    Well the design of the earphones is great, they look minimalistic and are in reasonable size.
    the Charging box however is on the lower design portion... it's too big and thick to my taste, I think xiaomi could make it smaller but they wanted to somehow get away of the "apple airpods look", Wich I appreciate, but the box does not look good in your pocket, so keep that in mind.
    3. functionality:
    you can assign 4 functions for the touch pads wich I think is more than enough, I did pause, play, and Google assistant buttons. I think it's very convenient that you know specifically where to press and you don't pause your song while trying to fix the way it sits in your ear, so 5/5 in this section definitely!
    4. I guess the final thought is "is this worth the money?"
    well yes, it is, if you don't have a problem with the size of the charging box you definitely should buy this earphones, I have cheaper versions and trust me those are much better in any way possible, they also sound like the airpods so you really can't go wrong with this choice...
    trust me, for 65$ this is the best you can buy, it even better than some of the 100$ earphones I tried, so go for it!

    Sep 27,2019

  • Norbert
    Test review!
    The Mi Airdots Pro headset fantastic. I love it. The case is practical, small, and I can put in my pocket easy.The connection to bluetooth is very easy. My phone recognize the headset every time, when I take out the earphones from the case. The sounding is extremly good. The squelch is amazing.. The earphones are very stablie in my ear. I used them under the run, and they didn’t fall out my ears. It was very important for me. This headset is very comfortable.The used time is very long. If somebody call you, while you used the headset, you can easy pick up a call, only two click on earphone. The sound whlie you speak with somebody highly good. The headset’ s noise filter is fantastic.When you hear the music in big other noise, you hear really just music. I tried lot of headset, but this is the first headset, where the noise filter is so good. You can use SIRI too, if you click twice the left earphone, and you can start/stop the music if you click three times right earphone, with these options, we can used the headset easy and quickly. This headset isn’t cheap, but isn’t expensive, because if you buy this headset you will satisfied. In summary this headset worth the prize. I can really recommend this headset for everyone

    Jun 15,2019

  • Future
    First thanks to Gearbest. Article was quickly available.

    Now to the Airdots! This is truly a bag of wonders.

    As a former owner of the Airpods, I am happy to announce that these headphones do not have to hide from the Airpods. The quality, and especially the voices come so deep, you think you would be there live.

    Yesterday I had tested live music especially, and the bass was so intense (positive) Even the nuances are perceived and strongly reproduced. I have tested all directions .. especially movies soundtracks by Hans Zimmer. I'm speechless.

    Even songs from the 80s make you cry.

    Another important feature is the bass. Xiaomi definitely has something of "Beats" headphones.

    The call quality is very good, and no problems could be found.
    Have tons of WhatsApp voice messages sent. Those who received these were equally surprised.

    Although you complain about the size, but I want to mention that the sound decides and not the smart nonsense.

    Battery life: There they last between 2-3 hours. If you put it in the box they are fully operational within 20-40 minutes. It takes about 8-12 hours. Depending on how loud etc.

    Comparing with the Airpods, Ankers or other wireless headphones makes no sense, because each of them has its specificity.

    I hope I could help you :-)

    Jun 22,2019

  • J.O.
    schon okay
    In der obigen Beschreibung steht symbolisch, dass man auch das nächste Lied (skip) mit den Kopfhörern anwählen kann.
    Das funktioniert nicht.
    Ich habe ein Xiaomi Mi Phone, es zeigt aber keinerlei Funktionen der Kopfhörer an.
    Selbst die billigen i12 Kopfhörer haben alle diese Features. Dafür ist der Batterie- und Empfangsleistung dem Preis entsprechend schlecht.

    Was mich aber am meisten an diesen Kopfhörern nervt ist die Aufbewahrungsbox. Man bekommt die Dingen kaum heraus!
    Es sei denn man hat klebriges Ejakulat oder Griphandschuhe an.

    Die "Mi True Wireless Earphones" sind vom Sound her super.
    Auch der Rauschunterdrückungsmodus klappt recht gut.
    Zwar kein Vergleich mit den Apple Airpods aber sie kosten auch keine 300,-€
    Der Bluetooth-Empfang und Batterieleistung der Kopfhörer sind das Geld wert.

    Feb 14,2020

  • RVP
    Good product,love audio quality, but add customs import duty to Price
    I love the product. I mainly wanted a good audio quality Bluetooth ear-pods and it lives to the expectations.

    +good audio quality.
    +Battery backup lasts for 3 hours on the earpods on fullcharge

    -does not auto connect to multiple sources. I believe it connects to 1 device at a time. Need to xplore more on how to use.

    Anybody who is buying should also consider that when it is shipped out to you.. there is a customs import duty charged by your country. I paid 12.88 GBP extra for the already paid 55GBP. That is overall charge was 68 GBP. So consider that as the buying price for decision making.

    Sep 25,2019

  • Luiz
    PT: qualidade de som, qualidade de construção, bateria de longa duração. EN: sound quality, build quality, long battery life.
    PT: Adoro a qualidade de som destes auscultadores, e a qualidade de construção. A bateria dura bastante, o que me permite ouvir música durante muito mais tempo. Aconselho vivamente a quem está interessado.

    EN: I love the sound quality of these headphones, and the quality of construction. The battery lasts a lot, which allows me to listen to music for a lot longer. I strongly advise anyone who is interested.

    Jun 19,2019

  • Zack Guerra
    Ótimos fones Premium com um Custo menor!
    Eu estava procurando um fone Premium mas com um custo menor dos que os das marcas principais. Comprei o Airdot Pro da Xiaomi e nao me arrependi.
    O fone tem uma ótima qualidade de áudio, a Bateria dura bastante, o método de carregamento do case já é USB tipo C. Resistente a Água (não é à prova d'água).

    Aug 21,2019

  • RDD
    It's good...
    It's good, but a little big and I prefer my old losed SoundCore liberty Air. The SoundCore have better sound and pairing quality. The Xiaomi only have one light in charging case, not show battery graph. The Xiaomi speaks in chinesse to warning battery and other warnings

    Pros of Xiaomi: Can connect to two devices (one in each earbud), but obviosly lose the stereo. In this method each earbud works independently

    Oct 04,2019

  • Maxime
    Bon rapport qualité prix
    Je suis globalement très satisfait de ces écouteurs. Bonne autonomie le son est bon et je les trouve agréables à porter.
    Néanmoins j’ai trouvé quelques points négatifs.
    Xiaomi nous parle d’une réduction de bruit active, je ne sens aucune différence entre le moment où elle est activée ou désactivée. Et je trouve dommage de ne pas pouvoir faire jouer le morceau suivant avec les commandes sur l’oreillette droite.
    Mais pour le prix que je les ai payé je suis très satisfait (47 €).

    Feb 22,2020

  • Michael Hessen
    AirDots Pro
    I'm really happy with the AirDots Pro.
    Sound quality is amazing and the fact it got noice cancellation is great. Better sound quality then AirPods for less money.
    Although the battery life isn't great and the case is quite bulky, it's still one of the best purchases ever.

    Aug 17,2019