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  • Max Beerbohm
    Best screwdriver I've owned
    This is the best screwdriver I've owned. It replaces several of my Stanley screwdrivers that all had shortcomings. This has longer bits that are readily accessible in the quick slide compartment. Thats a bit improvement over those little bits that never come out when you want them to. The ratcheting on this is much smoother and quieter and has twice the number of teeth on it compared to most ratcheting screwdrivers, reducing wear and reducing effort. It also is very ergonomic, has a great grip and is very comfortable to hold. It seems expensive, but it is actually cheaper than the three screwdrivers it replaced and it frees up space and reduces weight in my tool bag. It seems and feels like high quality.

    Sep 19,2019

  • Dmitry
    Крутилка от Xiaomi
    Были сомнения на счёт качества бит и самой отвёртки, но был приятно удивлён. Брал взамен аналогичной Gross'ой. PH и HEX биты норм, а SL средненькие, так у всех производителей, за редким исключением.
    Рукоятка для средней руки 10 см. В запотевшей руке софттач спасает, но перчатки никто не отменял.
    Магниты в рукоятке и битодержателе достаточно сильные. Сам битодержатель заходит в рукоятку на 12 мм, он с шариком на конце, люфт минимальный.
    Как крутилку на каждый день можно рекомендовать, но бес фанатизма, для силовой работы есть другой инструмент.
    Единственное вызывает сомнение - это долговечность держателей бит в рукоятке, они из мягкого пластика.
    Продавец нормальный, доставка в Мурманск 4 недели.

    Oct 30,2019

  • Ann Bloomfield
    The perfect screwdriver for around the house. And maybe the shop too.
    Perfect around-the-house screwdriver.
    It has a comfortable--no, beefy--handle, good ratcheting action, and a long, slim shaft for great access compared to most ratcheting screwdrivers.
    The carousel of bits keeps everything organized and handy, and as a bonus, the end of the carousel can be palmed like a precision screwdriver for thread starting and finger tightening.
    Nothing has made me question the durability of this screwdriver yet, but these all have an Achilles Heel in the form of the ratcheting mechanism. I use mine around the house almost daily, and I'll let you know if it junks out before its time.

    Sep 19,2019

  • Una Nehemiah
    Great tool, worth the additional price
    Initially thought this was a bit pricey for a screw driver, but was trying to round out an order so it fit the bill. Well, I've come to love it and think the extra $$s were worth the value. Has a solid build feel, great ratchet action, and nice storage idea for the heads that also doubles as a way to hold pressure while letting the rest of the chassis spin (handy when you need lots of pressure for tightening/loosening). Really solid product

    Sep 19,2019

  • Christopher Veblen
    Good product with good customer service
    Initially the order arrived with a defective case and it just decayed while it was sitting on the desk. When they learned about this, they immediately sent me a replacement case and notified me about it. It is a useful set . I would recommend to not to apply too much pressure. It isn't made for such use. It is very good for the price...

    Sep 19,2019

  • Oleg
    Отличный инструмент
    Отвертка удобная. Оригинал. Сделано качественно. Твердость бит не проверял.
    Покажет себя в работе. Брал по акции за 1200. Доставка 20 дней.

    Sep 05,2019

  • Andi
    Super Multischraubendreher mit Ratschenfunktion
    Wiedermal sehr hochwertiges Werkzeug von Wiha günstig von Xiaomi.
    Sehr angenehmes arbeiten und festhalten mit dem Schraubendreher.
    Die Bits lassen sich leicht entnehmen und sind im Griff sicher aufgehoben.

    Die Bithalter sind beide magnetisch.

    Wie auch schon das andere Bitset von Wiha/Xiaomi kann man diesen Schraubendreher bedenkenlos empfehlen.

    Jun 29,2019

  • Vyacheslav
    Xiaomi Mijia Wiha
    Как всегда качество товара на высоте, очень качественная вещь, своих денег стоит. не первый раз заказываю инструмент xiaomi. очень доволен. рекомендую. доставка в Краснодар бесплатно за 3 недели.

    Jul 16,2019

  • Page Doris
    Gorgeous kit
    By far the most comfortable and most effective screwdrivers I've ever used in my entire life! Not a carpenter or an electrition, mind you, but I do lots of home projects and have built more than a few Ikea items.

    Sep 19,2019

  • Ford Pansy
    I am hiding this from my husband
    Just received this screw driver. It looks like it will come in handy with the various sizes of bits. My husband likes to borrow my tools, then he misplaces them so that's why I am keeping it in a secret place.

    Sep 19,2019