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  • HardwareSense
    sì (2) Colore: White Dimenzione del prodotto: International Version
    Absolutely perfect for indoors
    I am definitely impressed by the quality of this new Xiaomi Mini Drone, even despite the fact that is created to be used predominately indoors, its still a lot of fun to play around and to get use to if you are a beginner like myself. I got this one as a present to my 9 year old for Christmas and she absolutely loves it, although Xiaomi recommends it for 14 years and older, I think it really depends on the child skills and desires, bit my little one is loving it.That being said, I have to admit, I am loving this drone as well, its very high quality, very well put together and very inexpensive, at the moment the MITU can be purchased for $59 at GearBest and the extra battery pack that I recommend getting is another $19, so for about $80 this mini drone is a ton of fun. I am impressed with the options that is offering, automatic one button take off, one button landing, hovering at certain level that can be changed from the app, it can be controlled via the Xiaomi BT gaming controller, via phones and tablets and the controls are almost perfect, it also provides a real time view trough its 720P camera if you are using a phone or a tablet. The quality of the images and the video are really not that impressive, but at least the 720P video is at 30FPS and with enough light, they are not that bad. Flight time is around 10 minutes, and that's why you really need the extra 2 batteries, if you are planning to have more fun and not wait for the battery to be charged. Direct charging on the drone is close to 1h, but on the charging cradle, is about 30 min for both 920mAh batteries.

    Dec 27,2018

  • Orlando
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    Fantastic MITU Mini RC Drone
    I have been using Xiaomi Mi Drone 4K for outdoor aerial photography and looking forward to a pocket-sized Xiaomi aircraft in the past two years. This one is so impressive, much greater than any competitor in the market.Firstly, the flight is incredibly stable indoors and out, thanks to the high-precision sensors, including barometers, ultrasonic sensors, and optical flow sensors. The battery capacity is higher, 920mAh for flying up to 10 minutes. More importantly, the UI of the App is one of the best I've ever used. The WiFi signal is stable and strong when I am about 50m away. It is great for taking selfies, and 720P videos. The sharpness of the photos is satisfying. Well, I have bought two MITU RC drones, and have fun with my son at weekends, having air battles. Flying the MITU RC drone is more exciting! It is lightweight and small, easy to be carried. I'm considering buying the remote control to make it fly farther away.I would like to put forward that it would be even better if brushless motors are in use.

    Jun 11,2018

  • Globule
    sì (1) Colore: White Dimenzione del prodotto: International Version
    Une petite merveille
    Déballage et montage très simple moins de 5 minute. Attention à bien respecter l'emplacement des hélices (deux ont un point orange et doivent aller sur les moteurs avec un cercle orange). Il faut ensuite télécharger l'application en version anglaise (MiDroneMini sur l'app store). L'appairage en wifi de l'application et du drone se fait simplement (le mot de passe est dans la doc).Ensuite c'est super fun. Décollage et atterrissage en un bouton. Le drone est super stable (en intérieur, je n'ai pas essayé encore à l’extérieur). Le retour vidéo sur l'écran du smartphone est très net et les contrôles super simples. Il y a même des acrobaties préprogrammée qui sont impressionnantes. On peut prendre des clichés ou des vidéos en vol et les récupérer ensuite sur le smartphone.L'état de la batterie est affiché ce qui permet de récupérer le drone avant qu'il n'ai plus de jus.Bref que du bonheur. Un rapport qualité/prix imbattable.
    La doc en chinois mais internet est là pour nous aider.Petite batterie dit petite durée de vol. C'est le seul point noir que je vois pour l'instant

    Aug 01,2018

  • Rubén
    sì (0) Colore: White Dimenzione del prodotto: International Version
    Es un dron excelente para iniciarse. no es un juguete aunque no está a la altura de los drones buenos. Tiene una calidad de materiales y acabados buenísima. Se controla con el móvil descargando la app MITU drone. También lo puedes controlar con un mando bluetooth. Tiene una estabilidad que no me lo esperaba. Le das al botón de despegar y se queda a una altura de 1 metro volando y muy quiero, siempre que no haya viento claro. Y es q ese es su punto débil. No se puede volar si hay un poco de viento. Se lo lleva!! para interior es perfecto y muy divertido.la batería dura casi 10 minutos aunque depende del uso.La cámara no tiene mucha calidad. Es de 720 y si no hay buena iluminación la calidad baja mucho.En fin es un dron para empezar a trastear y ver si te gusta el mundillo. Hay q volarlo siempre en interior o con 0 viento. Y de la cámara no esperes sacar buenos videos. Por 50€ que me costó creo que está muy bien. Se maneja fácilmente con el movil, responde muy bien y con la de ostias que le he metido es increíble que siga volando super estable.

    Sep 01,2018

  • Crashteam2
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    Xiaomi MITU drone
    High quality product! Very simple for assembly and control. It takes no more than 5 minutes from unboxing to first flight. The app for control is also very simple and easy, with helping guide.The drone flights good, stable, with fast reacting of controls. It is easy to be charged - every power adapter from smartphone 5V/1A( or more than an 1A) is suitable. The flight time is a little short - in my case no more than 7 munites, which is not good, but for this size I think it's OK. Anyway we can buy additional batteries for longer flights. The drone is perfect for kids, adults, use in open space and in home.
    Great product, great quality!

    Jul 29,2018

  • Danilo Micio Hc
    sì (0) Colore: White Dimenzione del prodotto: International Version
    Un gran bel giocattolino
    Come ho detto è un gran bel giocattolino, per la cifra che si spende si ha un ottima qualità costruttiva e un bellissimo (almeno per me) design, ma proprio perchè è un giocattolo non si può pretendere di farci chissà che cosa, la camera è buona ma non è stabilizzata, che da un lato è una cosa buona ma dall'altra appena c'è un minimo di vento sembra di stare in mezzo all'oceano in tempesta come si può vedere dal video che ho fatto, vento che però, sempre se leggero, non spazza via il drone ma si limita a farlo oscillare, in questo il mitu ha una buona stabilità. La batteria dura dai 7 ai 10 minuti circa a secondo di come lo si utilizza, se ci si vuole divertire veramente un paio di batterie in più sono d'obbligo.

    Aug 16,2018

  • Josh Russell
    sì (0) Colore: White Dimenzione del prodotto: International Version
    Really fun battle drone! It took me a couple flights to get used to the elevation hold feature (which works really well) but it flies great and is quite smooth. It's a small drone with small propellers so it's better suited for indoor battles and is not likely to cause any harm from crashing into stuff. The drone vs. drone showdowns are great fun and will inspire you to hone your drone flying skills... or else you'll be flipping and spinning out of control when you take infra-red hits from your opponent. I've been battling at speed settings 1 and 2 mostly, which is great for maneuvering around furniture.

    Jun 13,2018

  • Petr
    sì (1) Colore: White Dimenzione del prodotto: International Version
    Cool toy! Must have!
    This is super toy, everyone must have. Quality is exceeding expectations.It is even bigger that expected but still mini enough for indoor flights. It has also in app adjustable height limiter, very useful indoors.I recommend buying also Original Xiaomi MITU 920mA Battery Docking Charger for endless fun.English app download: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.fimi.appDo not rename wifi name otherwise it will switch wifi to 5GHz for Europe!How to switch back to 2.4GHz wifi: http://bbs.xiaomi.cn/t-29476735

    Sep 08,2018

  • Gino
    sì (1) Colore: White Dimenzione del prodotto: International Version
    Per me il Mitu drone è veramente un MITO! Con una spesa ragionevole si può provare l'ebrezza di "volare" rimanendo con i piedi a terra! Ordinato il 23 ottobre arrivato il 6 novembre, che dire, considerando anche le nostre feste, direi ottimo. Al primo collegamento il wifi del Mitu non è rilevabile (5 Ghz), basta settare in modalità aereo lo smartphone e riavviarlo quindi fare il pairing con il drone digitando la psw 123456789, ed il gioco è fatto, chiaramente il telefono deve supportare la banda 5 Ghz, altrimenti bisogna flashare il drone per forzare la sua rete a 2,4 Ghz (googlando si trova tutto). Consiglio l'acquisto delle batterie supplementari perché ahimè vola solo 7/8 minuti.

    Nov 07,2018

  • Alexandre mespollet
    sì (0) Colore: White Dimenzione del prodotto: International Version
    Xiaomi MITU WiFi Câmera FPV 720P HD Mini RC comprado na Gearbest.
    is not to be overstated, it's a very nice device for a very modest price. When using a mini drone xiaomi there is no feeling that we have a budget device. Quality allows.I liked this device very much, the model is beautiful, nice, good size and good footprint, the whithe color helps a lot, very light and fine. Arrived very fast, my evaluation takes into account all the items previously mentioned, arrived very fast, taking into account the time of permanence in the Brazilian customs. I point out to friends and possible buyers, thank you gearbest.

    Aug 30,2018