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  • mirec_h
    Short flying time
    This quadcopter is a pretty good flyer. Quality of video is corresponing. You can see captured video on Youtube. Resolution is 640 x 480, frame rate 17fps. The similar model is JJRC H66 X-MAS EGG Foldable Micro RC Quadcopter (green quad in added pictures). Weight of A6HW is 38.2g. The folding mechanism is reliable, unlike JJRC H66.
    I'm disappointed in flight time, only 2 minutes 45 seconds, it is far less than 4 - 5 minutes declared by seller. Maybe the battery is not strong enough. Starting voltage was 4.2V, after landing I measured 3.76V. This voltage is too big and it indicates either low battery capacity or low current ratio of battery (C number). When I charged the battery from 3.76V the added capacity was only 173mAh. It seems that the capacity of battery is not fully utilized.

    Aug 14,2018